Friday, 5 August 2016

For in saving we are safe

There is no night and day in Heaven
There is only light
For in saving we are saved. We may save a life
In the Blessed presence of God
Treasured trees and green sod
In giving, its' own gift. A burden that we can lift
In every good deed we plant a seed
Life is God's gift if we believe
In every man a god. In every man a woman. In every Lot we do what we can.

Monday, 1 August 2016

For Rain

Every grain of sand
has a story to tell
Each leaf holds the secret of Heaven
and makes you well
Even Angels may wear a veil
Some who come and wish to remain anonymous
Yet by their fruits we may know
The fruits that God reaps and sows
For standing in no particular row
are the holy Union of Saints
The quiet whisper of quaint voices
The blessed songs of these thiess in choir
whose souls sing and cry of adoration
Made in imagination and made real
in the senses that God feels
In rapture and in Grace
to behold the Supreme Beautys' face
In quiet adoration pray
with faith, Love and clay
For from the Earth God brings
the body of human beings
From the leaf to the bean
From the ether and unseen
to Life and Love again
In the springtime dew and Rain
My dear friend

Balance and recourse

In every God there is balance
and courage
In the word there is valance, sand and rage
In the sand oil and water
In the man God Son and daughter
For the word and world are one
In encouraging and receiving the Son
The light and matter made flesh
Something in the nothingness
Someone to receive the glory
of words made in to a story
And the tiers of each house
built on solid foundation
Rock the souls whole
in habitation
Yet the house shall be rebuilt
For the rock holds gold and guilt
For the sands shall shift
and withhold
the stories which should be told
to Son and daughter
To bring tears and laughter
for these days
and the years after


Gods' Gift

The gift of the right time,
for each has a moment and place
The gift of the look of Love
on your Lovers face
Any time will do,
for now is the season
The daffodils are golden
with splendour and reason
Continuing the cycle of death and rebirth
For even common things
have their worth
The commoner become Princess
and put on Royal dress
For the pauper has his rags
And the Prince takes in his hags
If all were equal there would be no vice
If all were good and softly spoken and nice

The Beauty

The beauty of the Sun
that shines on good and bad
The beauty of the sea
bathing you and I
The equanimity of the air
for us all to share
These given to us all
The great and the small
For He gives in good measure
All true beauty and unfading treasure
The pleasantness of your smile
all the while that you shine
The Love that we share
Treasured Your soul and mine