Saturday, 23 August 2014

Cry in the wild

You cried out to God
We below you cried for you
You carried the burden of the cross
I worried at the blood you lost
And although death is not the end
I cannot watch the suffering of a friend
or anyone who can suffer
the pains of abandonment
The rain of red on firmament
For the other is sensed by God
For the other is revered
There is nothing left to be feared
Not even death or suffering
We all go to the white palace in the wind
But while we are below in the wild
under a tent canopy of the stars
While we vainly grasp at shadows
there are only old sorrows
For the vain seek their own world
and forsake the inheritance of the Father
given to his Sons and Daughters
For the blind lead and the foolish follow
There lies ahead the great sorrow
There lies the great awaiting sorrow
But for the wise who know the deceptiveness of the eyes
But for the known who know the errors of what is shown
for the brave who let others recreate
for the meek who only after God seek
For the humble who forever walk but stumble
under the lies of the wicked
there are no tricks that
can avail. There can be no ship faster than a snail
in the Heavenly veil where we set sky sails
We are Cats in the water
after each others' slaughter
We live and let fall
at the feet of Heavens' door
But to stand away from the sharp crowd
I must await the trumpets to sound aloud
For the Rams' horn shall bellow
and all gals and fellows
after the gate is opened
one after another follow
to the Land of Zion
The return of the Lion
To the land of my Father
To live for ever after

Touch of Love

Touch of Love that lets me in
So much Love that I will not sin
My Holy Jesus, Gods begotten son
You have my victories won
So much Love that wins the day
And sun sets and rises on the way
For the turning and waves
are by your command
The turning of the day
Everything I do and everything I say
By your voice calling
By given choice rising or falling
By the root of David Son of Jesse
You give me comfort and rest
For to the fallen like myself
a sinner forsaken of help
For to the sinner you have saved
You gave your life away
But for those who sacrifice
who Give and renounce their rights
The Father gives all in return
To the sinner who was spurned
Before you murder others and yourself
Look a hard look at the help
you gave to those in need
and you will find a sinner indeed
For those who Love and are unconditional
Whose Love sprang from their emotional self
Who do not use the filter of their imaginations
Who are ashamed of hateful frustrations 
To those who Love and are not ashamed of Him
Who will with Him their victories lose or win
The Saviour who holds the stars
will wipe away their tears and scars
So take heart my darling one
and we will Love the Son
as He first Loved us
to the Father at the first

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Mothers milk

Taste and talk

The tongue has made me its' master
I am its' slave
The tongue can speak faster
than I and I crave
Nothing can be done
though try we must
It is worth the try
and worth your trust.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Can you see the dark?

Absense non-being nothingness
No creator no Love no life
No light blackness no return

Can you see the dark?

Firstly by co-existing with the Father
In his soul including together.
Through Jesus came into existance
the universe and the angels thence
the clay fashioned into man
by his hand
with a breath inward became he a soul
to live forever with the Father
Son and Holy Host.
To reside in the garden ov Eden
There was never a night until
Darkness came in the begetting of evil
So the setting sun reminds one
ov the falling and the sun rise
awakens the eyes
and birds begin their calling.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Love that gives Freedom

In meeting a friend
the light that you find
in a Love that never ends
The ties that together you bind
And as the years look back
on the old beaten track
The string that has twined
that together in your minds
you have created
Was it Love at first sight that was fated.
Respect is giving freedom
and in free there is no abandon
The Love that gives freedom
from lucre and Mammon
Love is supreme there is no quibble
For in blessed Jesus there is no equal
The Love that gives freedom
The Love that gives freedom
The Love that gives Freedom