Monday, 29 January 2018

The dawn

The sunrise is re-born
new and innocent dawn
life has come again
after the nights' rain
listen as the birds sing
they tell you every thing

The passing through
darkness and death
the cold cold breath
misty in the moonlight
no left and right
the passage from living to life

Gentle light through the window
the lamb softly lowes
The manger padded and lined
cloth soft and fine
Mother Father beside
for now I reside

But I was born to die
on a cross raised high
A death of one for many
a triumph of good over the enemy
death reigns no more
only heaven in store

For to heaven I go
and to heaven I belong
to the light everlasting
abundance of every good thing
life as it should be
limitless and free

In His name we pray
this and every day

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